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Star Trek Enterprise by PascalNolte Star Trek Enterprise by PascalNolte
The First Desktop-Theme with the Design from the Computer-Terminals of the NX-Class-Starships

Sorry for the bad babelfish-Translation I have correctet the Most Words.:

As collecting main I took the Flash animations of an unknown author, since there are no good photos of the genuine displays.
Left above is a multi-List with 5 lists, which can one on mouse-click select.
Among them the Uptime announcement. The necessary Plug in are in the Zip.
WinAmp control is clear.
Likewise the volume attitude.
Among them there are still the calendar and the last leftovers of the Windows Shell;)

The most Texts are in german. To translate into another Languages i have put a txt withe the Writing Attitudes in the Archiv.

This is my first Skin with Talisman II

Edit, the Oicture is make in the Shell-Mode from Talisman II.
starcruiser Featured By Owner May 21, 2005  Hobbyist
I was going to do one on Enterprise, myself....but just could not get motivated enough about it. Yours looks good though. I will have to try it out. Feel free to check my deviationns too if you want. (if you haven't already) I have a FEW Star Trek based themes as well and also a few wallpapers
Good Start, Keep It Up, Looking forward to more of your work ! *starcruiser
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May 20, 2005
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